ASCP Negotiation & Advocacy Toolbox

A roadmap to advocating for the needs of your laboratory

The ASCP Negotiation & Advocacy Toolbox aims to provide clinical laboratory directors with adaptable and practical tools to help demonstrate the value of their laboratories to C-Suite and hospital administration.

Key Learning Objectives

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Articulate strategies to demonstrate the comprehensive value of your laboratory

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Define your laboratory’s goals and visions in alignment with the organizational goals

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Map the pathway to advocate for your laboratory and staff’s needs

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Apply relevant tools and templates from the ASCP Negotiation and Advocacy Toolbox to implement advocacy efforts on behalf of your laboratory and staff

Use this presentation to provide an overview of the ASCP Negotiation and Advocacy toolbox – a roadmap to advocating for the needs of your laboratory

Tools & Resources

Note: Any tools and/or resources used from this Toolkit should be adapted for your own laboratory or health system, as appropriate

0-1 Introduction_Intended Use

Resource for every Toolkit which includes each document included in the toolkit and its potential intended use by end-users
Use this document to better understand the documents and tools in each Toolkit and how they can be used to better advocate for your laboratory’s needs


0-2 Introduction_Supplementary References

Additional references and resources relevant to each Toolkit
Use this document to obtain additional references and resources for each pillar topic


Strategic Planning

Presentation on Strategic Planning Tools
This presentation introduces strategic planning methods that can be used for the laboratory, including establishing a strategic plan team, performing SWOT analysis, and developing SMART goals.

Presentation on strategic plan for the laboratory
Presentation describing process that managers/directors can use to create a strategic plan for their lab.

Negotiation & Advocacy Toolbox Pillars

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Pillar 1
Promoting Laboratory Visibility

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Pillar 2
People and Culture

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Pillar 3

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Pillar 4
Lab Finance

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Pillar 5
Service & Growth

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Lab Advocacy in Action

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